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Coaching – Schedule 1 on 1 sessions  with No.1 Guru Life Coach Reynardo S. Elliott, and get on the road to YOUR BEST LIFE NOW.

Sessions are $250.00/hr, and are done In 1 – 4 hour increments.

Overcome Anything with our coaching. Achieve Every Goal. Live Life On Your terms NOW! You Were Born To Win. You Deserve The Best. So Be Coached By The Best. We Motivate, Inspire, Teach & Coach People into Overcoming their Problems, Achieving their Goals, & Living Longer, Happier, Healthier Lives. Our blog is composed of free daily gems and free weekly letters and messages about Love, Relationships, Heartbreak, Physical and Mental Health, Addiction, Recovery, Stress, Success, Sex, Goal Setting, Goal Achievement, Inspiration, Hope, Gratitude, Positive Mindset, and so much more literature about life in general. Welcome to Guru Life Coaching 1 on 1, Please make yourself at home!

Are you working towards a Goal or Dream? Is it taking longer than you expected? Well keep this concept in mind, that “Life Is A Fight For Territory, & The Moment You Stop Fighting For What You Want, Then What You Don’t Want, Will Automatically Take Over.” Don’t give up on your Dream. You have already won the lottery of being born, because believe it or not, the odds of that happening was actually 1 in 400 million. Now, in order to win at life itself, you will have to play the hand that you were dealt, as if it is the exact same hand that you were wishing, praying and hoping for. This way, no situation, problem or circumstance will ever stop you.

Let our team help you get there. Take a look at what you are, & who you are. Make a study of yourself. You are more powerful than you can ever begin to imagine. If you only knew, the potential of the energy contained in the cells of your body, you would never question whether or not you could win. There is a special place out here for you in the “Arena called Life”, come and get yours.

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