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Happy Is The Person In Charge Of Their Own Happiness

It doesn’t matter if it’s your mother, father, spouse, friend, relative or sibling, NEVER PUT THE KEY 🔑 TO YOUR HAPPINESS IN SOMEONE ELSE’S POCKET. Just like how it is up to you to control your destiny, it’s the same way you must personally take charge of your own well being. Your health is everything. Mental, Physical and Emotional…and I am no pessimist, but if you choose leave it up to someone else outside of yourself to make you happy and keep you happy, then I can promise you that sooner or later, at some point in time, you will be disappointed.

Now, we are all human, & I am not pointing any fingers. None of us are perfect, but when it comes to certain things in life, we will just have to take personal individual responsibility for them, and our own personal happiness is the first one.

However, if there is someone or something outside of yourself, but in your life, that “helps” to make you happy, then by all means, indulge and take full advantage!!! I would never tell you to forsake and forget them or it. All I am saying is that you should not put off your Happiness pending a certain Situation, Outcome or Condition.

Some of us keep on saying…I’ll be happy when I get married, or I’ll be happy when I find a new lover, or buy the new house, or buy the new car, or when I make more money, or when I get the new job, or when I start my own business, or…or or or…No No No!!! That is NOT how it works…That is not how any of this works!!! You need to begin to feel happy now, right where you are. Begin to feel joyful, thankful and grateful within your heart. Start appreciating and giving thanks for the good that you already have in your life, and more will come!!!

Luckily for us, we are magnets for our own personal qualities. We attract into our lives what we already are. So if you want to attract better situations and better people, all you have to do is become a better and happier person!!! Simple!!! It is your inside world which creates your outside world. Therefore, if you change what’s going on inside, then what’s going on outside must change. Fruits are not made by leaves, fruits are made by roots. It’s what’s under the ground that manufacturers what’s above the ground. What you can’t see creates what you can see. The root produces the fruit, that’s Universal Law. But you have to take responsibility for yourself first, and you can’t leave it up to the other person to take charge. Thanks for reading 📖 and God Bless You.

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Divorce Is! Necessary Sometimes, We All Make Mistakes

Divorce usually gets a negative wrap, but I mean, don’t view it as all bad, because if both parties were happy and satisfied, it wouldn’t be an option in the first place. Sometimes divorce is not even about the people involved, sometimes it’s all about the situations and circumstances surrounding the marriage/relationship…Meaning, I love you yes, but I love me more. When two people are not on the same “level”, their relationship becomes a conflict of interest, and they must inevitably drift apart. When things are all fine and dandy, nobody complains, that is why this post is about how to cope and to overcome, when the dreadful breakup or divorce is reality.

We have all been through it haven’t we? That one bad breakup/divorce that almost claimed our lives. Where we thought life on earth was going to end as we knew it, but someway somehow, we managed to weather the storm and survived it all.

It’s true, WE HAVE TO LEARN TO GET UP FROM THE TABLE WHEN LOVE IS NO LONGER BEING SERVED. Sometimes your strength doesn’t lie in the holding on to the situation, sometimes your strength actually lies in letting it go.

There are some people who the more we try to hold on to them and fight to keep them in our lives, the worse we get hurt. Some people came into our lives to teach us very important and valuable lessons and then move on. That’s easy for me to say right? When i’m on the outside looking in but you’re the one actually in the relationship. I know that scenario all too well, been there and done that. Mental, Physical or Emotional Abuse is not healthy, for anyone at any age. NEVER LIGHT YOURSELF ON FIRE 🔥 TO KEEP SOMEONE ELSE WARM. It doesn’t matter if it’s a spouse, fiancé, friend, family member or relative. If they can’t love and appreciate you for being you, then f#%k it, they are not worth it anyway.

Never sacrifice your happiness to keep someone else happy. If that’s what they require of you in order for them to stay in your life, trust me, they don’t love you. If both of you can’t be happy in the relationship, then what sense is that? Everybody has up’s and downs, in everything. No relationship is completely smooth sailing all the time, whether intimate, family wise, friendships, or otherwise. People have different needs, difference of opinions, personality clashes and many more issues that causes us to bump heads all the time. We are individuals, that’s just how we are wired. But when you have to stop living the truth and start to live a lie, it’s time to let it go. When you have to start convincing yourself that you’re actually happy in a situation that no longer serves your greatest good, nor contributes to your highest purpose, it’s time to let go. When you can no longer feel free to be yourself and you feel so controlled, you have to be walking on eggshells and constantly watching your P’s and Q’s, it’s definitely time to let go!!!

First things first, be sure to find happiness inside, before you begin to look for it outside. Be someone who makes YOU happy and who puts you 1st, first. Then you will be all ready and good to invite someone into your life to help you build your Empire. Nobody who truly and genuinely loves you, will ever require that you sacrifice your happiness, peace of mind and well being, to make them happy. If they try to convince you otherwise, tell them I said it’s a lie. God Bless You and Thanks 🙏 for reading 📖. Enjoy your day.

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Testosterone, 6 Foods That Boosts It In Men Naturally

Gentleman, like it or lump it, your testosterone is the foundation of your existence. It helps build muscle, affects your sex drive, your bone strength, your heart, your memory, and your PENIS SIZE.

1. Grapes – For more active sperm. Eat a bunch of red grapes daily to give your own low hanging fruit a boost. The skin contains resveratrol, which makes for hardier sperm.

2. Tuna – For a higher sex drive. Tuna’s ‘fragrance’ may not be ideal for a first date, but it’s Vitamin D content is. THE VITAMIN BOLSTERS TESTOSTERONE BY UP TO 90%.

3. Pomegranate – To fight impotence. Some say it was the biblical forbidden fruit, and old Adam could have done a lot worse. The International Journal Of Impotence Research reports that 47% of impotent men found their condition improved after a daily glass of antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice. You don’t need a serpent to tell you that’s a good thing.

4. Garlic – For muscle maintenance. Banish vampires and weak muscles alike. Garlic contains allicin, a compound that lowers levels of ‘stress hormone’ cortisol. “Cortisol competes with testosterone for the same sites within muscle cells,” says nutrition consultant Allan Gordon. Ditch the cortisol, then the testosterone can get to work. If you can have garlic naturally, it’s better for you, because it is more potent uncooked.

5. Honey – For Better Blood Flow. For extra buzz in the bedroom, dip into honey. It contains the mineral boron, linked to high testosterone. Honey is also rich in nitric oxide, says Gordon : “This is key ? to opening up blood vessels that create erections. Four teaspoons of honey can boost nitric oxide levels by 50%.

6. Cabbage – To Flush out female hormones. King of the veg patch, cabbage is full of a chemical called indole-3-carbinol, which rid your blood of girly hormones. Healthy men took 500mg daily for a week at Rockefeller University and their oestrogen levels halved, making testosterone more effective. It’s time to become more of a man at meal times.

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Orgasms For Women. Five (5) Major Health Benefits Are

Why it is important for women to have orgasms.

1. It Relieves Stress -> When a woman “cums”, she releases tension as oxytocin stimulates feelings of warmth and relaxation throughout her body, hence making her a lot more happy.

2. It makes her less likely to cheat -> Most women are hard wired for loyalty. So if she is being satisfied sexually and getting what she wants physically and emotionally, then she is 90% less likely to cheat on her mate.

3. It makes her man happy -> When a man can make his woman “cum”, it boosts his self esteem also. The more he does it, is the more he will want to do it, and everybody wins.

4. It cures insomnia -> Ladies you know this, that when you are satisfied, like really satisfied, the only thing you want is some food to replenish your energy, and a nice long nap ?.

5. It alleviates pain -> Orgasms take women to their happy place, and if they were in pain before, then all on a sudden, she is completely cured. No form of discomfort can live in a happy body.


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