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Competition Never Compares When You Stay Focused

If you want to live in peace and enjoy real progress and prosperity, only compete with yourself. Keep the competition between You and You. Successful people are never ever worried about what the other person is doing, because they are way too busy working on themselves. I mean they might take notice 👍, but they are never worried 😟. Besides, the only person you should be trying to be better than, is the person you were yesterday. Enough is here to share for everybody, and it is very unfortunate that some people can’t see that. However, as harsh as this might sound, that is not your problem. He who has eyes to see, let him see…& he who has ears to hear, let him hear. I am only here to teach you how to get yours, because believe it or not, true and lasting prosperity will only come to those who are kind hearted, loving, generous, trustworthy, full of faith, and integrity conscious. The person who is not willing to cultivate and harbor these qualities in their heart, will never know “true riches”. Because prosperity, just like happiness, is an inward conditioning, and not something that is to be found outside of ourselves. In other words, it is a state of mind. Greedy people may become Millionaires yes, and even Billionaires, but inside their hearts, as long as their number one motive for accumulating money and land is greed, then they will always be wretched, mean, and poor. And no matter how much land and money they have, as long as there is someone else in the world that has more than they do, they will always feel like they don’t have enough. On the other hand, the person who is upright, kind and loving, even though they may not seem to have much on the external at the moment, as long as they make their passion and their gifts their life’s work, while holding to the vision, never complaining, and keeping strong and steady faith in the powers of the Law, sooner or later, riches and prosperity must become theirs. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. The laws of the Universe cannot lie or fail.

Just think about it, Mother Nature gives us everything we will ever need in order to live, survive, and thrive, and she holds noting back. You know what the beauty about this is, the fact that she ends up losing nothing in return. Even when we attempt to destroy her for our own personal gain, she always finds a way to regenerate and replenish herself. The lesson from that scenario is…Never get caught up into a belief that by continuously doing the right thing, you will somehow get used, discarded, or lose out on what is rightfully yours in any way shape or form. “I will restore unto you the years which the locusts have eaten” saith the Lord/Law. Never under any circumstances let the bitterness of any competition, or competing with anyone outside of yourself, in this life, turn the ways of your heart from good to evil. Never ever let the word competition shake or wobble your faith in the supremacy of righteousness. Dishonesty and deceit only travels one road, which eventually if not immediately, leads to death and destruction. Therefore, in all instances, always strive to do that which you believe is right, and then trust the law. Trust in the Divine Power that is imminent in the Universe, and it will never ever desert you. Instead, it will always protect you and all of your interests. When you put all your trust in divine law, all your losses must the converted into gains, and any competition that has ever threatened your well being must be converted into blessings. Never stop practicing integrity, generosity, and love, because when you combine these attributes with your gifts, passion, and life’s work, they create magic. Magic that has the power to lift you up from the depths of poverty, and place you upon prosperous heights. Just imagine 💭 if we decided to collaborate instead of compete…Our souls would expand, our hearts would reach out to each other in generous warmth, and long and lasting would be the prosperity that comes to us. But those who have wandered away from the high-way of righteousness, must endeavor to find a way to guard themselves against “unfair” competition…While those who are always trying to do the right, never ever have to worry about such things. This statement is no joke. For time and time again, we see people who by the power of integrity and faith, have defied all competition and odds, and never even had to alter or change any of their methods. We have also seen where these people, when competed with, have risen steadily into prosperity and riches, while those who were trying to undermine them, fell into the pit of defeat. For “The angel of the Lord (the workings of the law) encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.” King David, Psalms 34 verse 7.

When we think about the fact that the Universe holds within it, an abundance of every good, blessed, and wonderful thing that our hearts could ever aspire to having, both material and spiritual, then attempt to compare that to the blind eagerness of competing with others in order to secure a few gold coins, a few acres of dirt, or some superficial level of boastful fame, it just does not add up. It doesn’t make any sense. So it is then that we realize how dark and ignorant selfishness is. It is then and only then that we realize that self-seeking and self-gratification, is self-destruction. It is a known fact, amongst all Spiritual Teachers, that self-gratification only leads to one thing, and that is more self-gratification. We should aspire “to be”, more than how we desire “to have”. Competing with others becomes unnecessary when we understand Spiritual Law. Because we then know that what is ours by divine right, must come to us no matter what. Even if it does so in a round about way. And it must manifest under grace, in a perfect way, for the harmony and good of all those involved. I believe that is why Bob Marley said that if his life is just for him alone he doesn’t want it, because his life is for the people. He understood the law. Universal Law, just like the law of electricity, must be understood, respected and obeyed before it becomes our servant, because the law obeys man, only when man obeys the law. Why do you suppose I keep on giving away all this information for free?? When most people would be charging you for it?? Because I understand the Law. Giving opens the door for receiving, and the easiest and quickest way to make a million dollars is to bless and to touch in a positive way, the lives of a million people. We must at first bless others if we wish to obtain blessings. Therefore I am not the least bit worried about any competitor or competition, because I know that sooner or later, I must get “paid” for what I am now doing for “free”. Only the foolish wish and grumble, the wise work and wait. For the law is unerring and unfailing, its powers levels mountains and fills in valleys, and knows no defeat. When my family is sleeping, I stay up all hours at nights writing these posts, to share my knowledge so that somebody can be blessed. Nobody asked me to do it, but God put it in my heart to do it, therefore I must do my fathers work. I don’t do it solely for money, material, or gain, instead I do it to help people first. However, I know that as per the infallible and unchanging Law, I must be rewarded. Sooner or later, the spiritual seeds that I am planting in the invisible, must come to fruition in the visible. And even if not immediately, then eventually, because God doesn’t need any “time” to do anything. Your entire life can change for the better in the blink of an eye. That’s why we must endeavor to stay in our lanes, keep up our faith, never pay too much attention to what anyone else is doing, and just keep on perfecting our goodness upon our neighbors. Because what seems to be taking forever to us, is just a snap of Gods fingers. Repeat this statement until it it written on your heart and branded in your mind, “I compete with no one outside of myself, because if I am about God’s business, or any part thereof; which is giving, and helping people, and I sure am. Then God, by his very nature, is for me, so who can be against me?? With this understanding, I now know, that there isn’t any power in heaven, or on earth 🌏, that can withhold success from me.”

In closing I would like to say that, to posses the inward qualities which constitute goodness, righteousness, justice, strength, power, and truth, is to be armored against all the workings of evil, and to be twice as much protected in every instance of trial. When we build ourselves up in these qualities, then we build up a Success which cannot be shaken or stirred by any competition outside of ourselves, and then and only then, do we enter into the prosperity which will last throughout the ages, and also endure forever. At this point in time, money, land and fame will become no object. God Bless You and Thanks for reading 📖.

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Chances Are, Some Will Support You, & Some Just Wont

It happens to all of us right? We simply outgrow people. It comes with maturity. Once your mind is expanded with a new idea, the effect cannot be reversed. Then you realize that when you try to relate the idea to some people who you thought were close to you all along, they just won’t get it. If they can’t see it for you then that’s okay, because you can’t force them to. Chances are if someone can’t see greatness for themselves, they won’t be able to see it for you either. Don’t waste your time trying to convince anybody, just Bless them and move on. One day they are going to say, “I knew you could do it.” Yeah right, laugh out loud 😂, anyway, they already blew their chances.

The people who support you though, through thick and thin, your corner stones, they are precious and few. Don’t forget them, don’t leave them out, keep them close to your heart. Honest people who genuinely cheer for you when you “win” are very rare Gems 💎 in today’s society. So when you find them, keep them.

Last but not least, do not blame yourself for anything. Every situation in your life has molded you into the person you are today. If you love who you are great then 👍, but if you don’t, then that’s what this website is for. Contact us, let us help you, teach you, and show you how to live your life to the fullest with no regrets. The people who are meant to stay in your circle, will stay. And the people who are meant to leave, will leave. Don’t stress yourself about it. Just continue to focus on your journey along with the task at hand. Do you and you’ll be fine. God Bless You and Thanks 🙏 for reading 📖.

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Cerebral Palsy Is NOT A Death Sentence To Your Child

When David Lofchick was born, he was too young at that point in time to know what believing in himself was…But thank goodness, he had a father who did. You see, when young David was about 6 months old, his mother and his father Bernie, realized that there was something wrong with their son. They noticed that his head hung way too low on his right side, and he drooled way too much for a normal child. When Mr and Mrs Lofchick took young David to the Dr, the Dr examined him, misdiagnosed him, told his parents that it was something minor, and assured them that they should not worry about it, he would grow it out. However, you know that when it’s your child, you worry about it. So this time, Mr and Mrs Lofchick took David to a specialist. After a very careful examination, the specialist looked at Mr and Mrs Lofchick and said, “your son is a spastic, he has cerebral palsy. He will never be able to walk or talk or count to 10. So the best thing for you to do, in the interest of the normal members of the family is to put in a home for the handicapped. However, the Lofchicks could not conceive of the idea that their son, would grow up to be a vegetable, and an absolute nothing. That was not the idea they had for young David, especially his father. They had already got their two girls, and Here came the son which allowed for their joy to know no bounds. They as a family, collectively decided, that they would not tolerate cerebral palsy.

So they asked the specialist if he knew of any other specialists where they could go and get a second opinion. The specialist got up on his high horse and said “the advice I gave you is the best you’re ever going to get, so I suggest you take it”, and just like that, he meeting was over. However, Bernie Lofchick, didn’t take it. In fact he took young David to see 30 more different specialists, and all of them told him he same thing, that his son was a spastic, he has cerebral palsy. He would never walk, talk, run 🏃, skate or ride a bicycle 🚴 or count to ten. But finally, Bernie Lofchick heard of a Dr Richard Pearlstein from Chicago Illinois, who was the world’s leading Doctor at the time on cerebral palsy. And even though Dr Pearlstein was fully booked for the next two years, Bernie Lofchick set his name down for standby, just in case anyone cancelled. And just as fate would have it, 11 days later a little boy from Australia 🇦🇺 cancelled. The Lofchicks bundled up David and flew him from Winnipeg Canada to Chicago Illinois, United States. There the Doctors poked and probed young David like he had never been poked and probed before. When all was said and done, they confirmed to the Lofchicks what they had feared most. They said “this little boy is a spastic, he has cerebral palsy. He will never be able to walk or talk or count to ten…if you listen to the profits of doom.”

What made it worst, Doctors at a leading University also examined young David and reported that he has no motor connections on the right side of his body. Therefore he will never be able to stand up straight, much less play and be a normal boy. Nevertheless, Dr Pearlstein said, “I am solution oriented, not problem oriented. David can have a normal life, but you must do everything I tell you, and once you start, you can’t stop, and you can’t give up. It is not something you can do for today, tomorrow, or the next five years. It’s something you will have to do forever.” Well you can imagine desperate parents saying to the Dr, “just tell us Doc, whatever it is, whatever it will take for our son to have a normal life, just tell us and we will do it.” So Dr Pearlstein gave them and exercise plan for David, and told them that they are going to have to work him beyond all human endurance, and then they will still have to work him some more. They would have to become patience personified, because it will be several months before they will ever even see any signs of improvement, but they must stick with it, because if they ever stopped, it would be right back to square one again. They said okay Doc, if that’s what it will take for our son to beat cerebral palsy, we will do it.

The Lofchicks went home. They didn’t have a lot of money, but they hired a body builder and a fitness expert to build a gymnasium in their basement for young David, and also to work with him. Two years passed before David could even move the length of his own body. Then finally, the Lofchicks got the call that they were dreaming of, waiting, praying and hoping for. Everybody rushed home, the sisters were there and also the neighbors. David was on the ground getting ready to do A SINGLE PUSH UP. And as that little body rose from the mat into the air, his effort were so great, there was not a dry inch of skin on his body. The exercise mat looked like someone had sprinkled water on it. And as that one single perfect 👌 push up was completed, everybody, from trainer, to parents, to sisters, to neighbors, everybody broke down into tears 😭. Tears of joy that is, because they all realized that happiness isn’t pleasure, happiness is VICTORY. By the time young David was 13 years old, he was doing as much as 1,100 push ups per day. He was running track 🏃, skating on the hockey 🏒 team, and riding the wheels off his 3rd bicycle 🚴. He was a genius in 7th grade Science and Math. Because the Lofchicks were Jewish, when it was time for his Bar Mitzvah, young David Lofchick walked into that ceremony tall, straight, handsome, and strong 💪. The same little boy the Drs said would never walk or talk or count to ten.

David Lofchick grew up to be a very successful Real Estate Agent, the best in Winnipeg Canada 🇨🇦 at the time. He was also happily married and had a beautiful family. He was also the only known victim of cerebral palsy, to ever qualify for a full, none rated 100k life insurance policy. All this came to pass because of the way his parents saw him versus the rest of the world. Now the question is, how do you see yourself?? Do you see yourself settling for what you are given, or do you see yourself taking all that life has to offer? Let me know. Thanks 🙏 for reading 📖 and God Bless You.

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Light Up The World!! & Don’t Let Anyone Kill Your Flame!!

“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” Mahatma Gandhi. Never let anyone twist you, turn you, mold you, shape you, form you, control you, fabricate, or manipulate you into being a person that you don’t want to be. Any situation you find yourself in, where you don’t feel free to express and be your true self, leave it alone. It’s bad for your overall health. Mental, Physical and Emotional. Follow your vibrations, they don’t lie. Usually if they say to “close that door 🚪 and nail it shut”, that’s exactly what you need to do. Don’t suppress or extinguish your flame 🔥 to please anyone. Any person who truly loves and cares for you would never require you to diminish your self esteem and self worth to make them feel good about themselves. Don’t be anyone’s fake, be you. Negative people will try their endeavor best to dim your light so that they won’t be alone in their darkness. Remember, misery loves company. Block out all negativity and let your light Shine. Bless the world with your God given talents, brilliant smile, infectious personality & never reduce your wonderful capabilities, to someone else’s box 📦 or mold. Be strong, be courageous and be yourself. God Bless You and Thanks 🙏 for reading 📖.

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Millionaires & Their Perspective On The Value Of People

Andrew Carnegie, sold his Steel Company to J.P Morgan Chase in 1901 for US$480 Million, a deal that today would be worth US$310 Billion. At one point in time, Mr Carnegie had 43 millionaires working for him, who did not join the company as millionaires, but they made themselves millionaires by doing great work, and he rewarded them well. When he was asked how he aided in the development of ordinary men becoming millionaires by working for him, Mr Carnegie said, and I quote; “We develop people the the same way we mine gold. We will move a tone of dirt in order to find an ounce of gold, but we never go into the mines looking for the dirt.” Powerful Man, Powerful Words.

Are you somebody who always try to see the good in people? I sure do hope so! But if not, then let us try and take the above advice from one of the richest men who ever lived. And who was indeed, after he sold his Steel Mills, the richest man in the world. And to further show the magnitude of his wisdom, just in case you are still in need of some more convincing, if you ever happen to watch the program “The Men Who Built America”, an immigrant from Scotland, Andrew Carnegie was one of them.

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Happy Is The Person In Charge Of Their Own Happiness

It doesn’t matter if it’s your mother, father, spouse, friend, relative or sibling, NEVER PUT THE KEY 🔑 TO YOUR HAPPINESS IN SOMEONE ELSE’S POCKET. Just like how it is up to you to control your destiny, it’s the same way you must personally take charge of your own well being. Your health is everything. Mental, Physical and Emotional…and I am no pessimist, but if you choose leave it up to someone else outside of yourself to make you happy and keep you happy, then I can promise you that sooner or later, at some point in time, you will be disappointed.

Now, we are all human, & I am not pointing any fingers. None of us are perfect, but when it comes to certain things in life, we will just have to take personal individual responsibility for them, and our own personal happiness is the first one.

However, if there is someone or something outside of yourself, but in your life, that “helps” to make you happy, then by all means, indulge and take full advantage!!! I would never tell you to forsake and forget them or it. All I am saying is that you should not put off your Happiness pending a certain Situation, Outcome or Condition.

Some of us keep on saying…I’ll be happy when I get married, or I’ll be happy when I find a new lover, or buy the new house, or buy the new car, or when I make more money, or when I get the new job, or when I start my own business, or…or or or…No No No!!! That is NOT how it works…That is not how any of this works!!! You need to begin to feel happy now, right where you are. Begin to feel joyful, thankful and grateful within your heart. Start appreciating and giving thanks for the good that you already have in your life, and more will come!!!

Luckily for us, we are magnets for our own personal qualities. We attract into our lives what we already are. So if you want to attract better situations and better people, all you have to do is become a better and happier person!!! Simple!!! It is your inside world which creates your outside world. Therefore, if you change what’s going on inside, then what’s going on outside must change. Fruits are not made by leaves, fruits are made by roots. It’s what’s under the ground that manufacturers what’s above the ground. What you can’t see creates what you can see. The root produces the fruit, that’s Universal Law. But you have to take responsibility for yourself first, and you can’t leave it up to the other person to take charge. Thanks for reading 📖 and God Bless You.

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Trust & Obey Universal Law; Recognize Your True Power

God is Universal, Eternal, Immortal, & Infinite Energy. Cannot be created, cannot be destroyed, therefore Indestructible. Always was, always is, and forever shall be. All mighty, never failing, never slumbers, never sleeps. Now can you imagine yourself being kept by such a Power? “He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” Everything that you are, everyone & everything that you love, plus everything that is yours under grace, by divine right, dwells in the secret place of the most high and abides under the shadow of the almighty. You are a perfect idea in the mind of God, and nothing keeps us from all our good except doubt and fear. They are the “army of the aliens” which arises from our own mortal consciousness and must be put to flight, for man is merely God, afraid. When we learn to trust in the All Mighty Never Failing Power that keeps us, then and only then, do we begin to live the life of our Dreams, aka the life that God has already planned for us in Divine Mind. However, this is often easier said than done. The problem most of us have why we can’t seem to manifest our greatest good, is that from a tender age, we were almost all taught that “seeing is believing.” Nothing, my friends, could be more farther from from the truth. Instead, I have learned that FEELING, is believing, & all great Men and Women know this. The song writer didn’t say “who sees is knows”, he said “WHO FEELS IT KNOWS.” So because of our mental conditioning, aka our paradigms (thinking habits), getting into the spiritual swing of things has proven to be no easy task for the average person.

When we play football 🏈, soccer ⚽️, golf 🏌️ or basketball 🏀, where we can see our goal 🥅 with our naked eyes 👀, it’s so easy to believe that we can score and win…But when we are playing the game of life with intuition and unseen spiritual forces, most people become afraid, unsure, uncertain, and uncomfortable. Intuition means, in-tuition, or to be taught from within. It is our unerring guide, the God Mind within each man. But when we are accustomed to doing things a certain way for a very long time (hence our paradigms), trusting our eyes instead of our “gut” becomes normal, and as “human nature” would have it, any deviation from such normality, upsets us. But what if I should tell you that God has weapons that we know not of, and can open up channels, doors 🚪 and windows to our blessings that we couldn’t even dream of, would you begin to at least try and trust your spirit more than your eyes?? “For I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert 🌵 saith the Lord.” God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.

Many times in life we are faced situations where it seemed to us that no good could ever come out of it, yet still God turned it all around for just that, our good. But we must at first, learn to trust. “Trust in the Lord, with ALL OF THINE HEART, & LEAN NOT TO THINE OWN UNDERSTANDING, but in ALL THINE WAYS, acknowledge him, and he shall direct our thy paths.” The Psalmsist gave the instructions very very clearly. He did not say trust halfheartedly or in some of our ways, which is exactly what most of us do. That is why most of us don’t get all that belongs to us by divine right, because we only trust and depend upon God sometimes. Only when we are faced with “what we think” is a huge adverse situation, that most of us call upon God and seek to put it in his hands. Whatever situation we don’t trust God in, can only lead to two things, failure of some kind, or lack of 100% satisfaction for all those involved. There is no lack, limitation, or loss in Divine Mind, all things are equal. If one door closes, another one must open. As human beings, the only truth our understanding has brought us to know is that Gods way is the only way. One Faith, One Power, One Plan.

So in our prayers, let us not try to instruct God on how we want our miracle to work out. When pray, let us trust, believe and know fully, that “whatsoever we shall pray and ask of the father, in faith believing, it shall be done for us”, and done now, because God doesn’t need any time to do anything. There is no time or space in Divine Mind. Never dig up in doubt what you have planted in faith. Even when everything “seems” to be going wrong according to physical interpretation by our mortal or conscious mind, hold to your vision, stick to your end result, and keep the faith that in Divine Mind and in Gods Divine Plan, everything is going absolutely right, and all things must work out under grace, for your good, and for the good of all those involved.

There is no power in evil apart from the power we give to it through worry, doubt and fear, because the concept of evil only arises from mans own vain imaginings. Do not at any time, in your mind, see or believe in two powers. There is only one power governing all things, and that is God Power. Say to yourself, “all things work out under grace for my good, and for the good of all those involved.” Never let doubt, fear and worry rob you of what you are supposed to get. Be strong 💪 and fear not, because fear is our only adversary. We face imminent defeat whenever we are fearful. Fear of lack, fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of personalities, fear of criticism. Fear robs you of all your power, because when we fear and don’t trust, we are disconnected from our All Mighty, Never Failing, Universal Power House, God. “Why are ye fearful, oh ye of little faith?” Fear is inverted faith, it is faith turned inside out and upside down. Meaning, we are giving all our energy and belief to what could go wrong, instead of what will go right. So inadvertently, what we fear we begin to attract, we magnetize and pull it towards us, and it inevitably shows up in our lives, unless we switch back from fear to faith. “Behold I give unto you power to tread on the serpents 🐍 and scorpions 🦂 and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” “Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands and hath put all things under his feet. All sheep 🐑 and oxen, yea the beasts of the fields.” This is Gods idea of us, through his power we should control and rule our lives in all aspects and situations. So if at anytime we catch ourselves thinking lack, limitations, and failure, we must immediately remind ourselves that we are God in manifestation. “For I and the father are one.” The Lord is our shepherd, we shall not want. There can be no lack, limitation or failure in Divine Mind, because Gods idea of us is perfect, and “all that the kingdom affords is yours.” The Kingdom is within us, the Godly realm of right thinking, and right ideas.

In conclusion, I just want to reiterate that God’s gift 🎁 to man is power; power and dominion over all created things, over our minds, bodies, situations, and conditions. Therefore all our unhappiness comes from lack of power. We imagine ourselves as weak victims of circumstances, claiming that “conditions over which we had no control” caused our defeat. Of course us by ourselves are victims of circumstances; but when we are linked with the God Power inside of our Super Conscious Mind, our Spirit, we become unstoppable, and all things become possible. When we look at the problem, the problem is all we will see, but when we look through the problem, that is when we will see the light 💡, and with God, there is always light. I hope these few words helped to lift you Spirit, your Emotions, your Life, your Faith, and your confidence today, and remember, Nothing is “too good” to be true, nothing is too wonderful to happen for you, and with God, nothing is too perfect to last. God Bless You and Thanks 🙏 for reading 📖.

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Kingpin : Nope, This Kind Has Nothing To Do With Drugs

I know most people have someone in their workplace, life, or family that they just can’t stand to deal with…But because it’s Monday I am asking us please to consider this message from this man right here. If there were any a man who should have been granted a license to hate people, it would be Dr Martin Luther King Jr. However, he is the one actually encouraging us not to hate. Dr King, no doubt, impeccably understood spiritual law. Let me phrase it another way; I like to say to my students, “find your kingpin.” Then they get this weird look on their faces when they ask me what do I mean. So I explain; “If all your blessings that belong to you by Divine Right are not flowing to you under grace, in a perfect and timely manner for the good of all those involved, something is blocking them, and that something is your kingpin.” Then they still don’t understand so I explain further. Back in the day, a long time ago, when loggers used to cut the trees and float the logs downstream as a means of transportation, every once in a while one of the logs would turn crossed ways and then back up and stop every other log from flowing freely. The loggers called this particular troublesome log, “the kingpin.” Then they would have to walk down the river banks, identify the kingpin, remove it, and then all the other logs would begin to flow freely again. I say this to say that, many times we have kingpins in our lives blocking all our good from coming to us, and most times those kingpins are hatred and resentment towards someone, or towards some people.

Hatred and Resentment WILL POISON YOUR MIND, SICKEN YOUR BODY, SABOTAGE YOUR CHANCES FOR SUCCESS, AND EAT YOUR SOUL!!! AND EVEN WORSE…BLOCK YOUR BLESSINGS AND YOUR GOOD FROM COMING TO YOU!!! You see how BIG people are?? If you carry them around in your heart, you will never have any space left for Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Fulfillment, and Perfect Self-Expression. So why would you do that?? Why would you sabotage yourself by hating someone else?? Only because you didn’t know the danger of it of course. Remember, whatsoever you hold inside, with feelings and emotion, crystallizes and out pictures in your external. So if you continue to hate, you will continue to receive hate, but if you learn to bless your enemies, then you neutralize the hatred and rid them of their power to harm.

All men are perfect ideas in Divine Mind, and it is important that we begin to see each other that way. No man is your enemy, no man is your friend, but each man is your teacher. We learn our lessons, and we move on with our lives. There was a brotherhood in India 🇮🇳 who blessed every person, every animal, and every thing they came across by saying “I salute the divinity in you”, and they were never harmed, by anyone, any animal, or anything. So the next time you face a “lion” on your pathway, whether today, tomorrow, or any other day, first examine yourself on the inside to find out what kind of vibration you were in that you attracted this “lion” 🦁 (Because everyone and everything are vibrating bodies of energy, and we can only attract the people and situations that are vibrating on the same frequency as us. If you don’t like something, change your vibration), then walk up to it and say “I Salute The Divinity In You”…Then allow the adverse situation to dissolve back into its native nothingness.

There is no discord, sadness, ill health or poverty in Divine Mind…but the Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Health and Wealth of our father who art in Heaven (our state of mind) is there for the taking of whosoever shall seek him. “Seek ye first the Kingdom Of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” What a promise…but the Kingdom is within us, it’s not something to look for anywhere on the external or outside of ourselves. It is the realm of perfect ideas and righteous thinking, where Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness, and Everlasting Wealth, dwells forever more.

You are never alone, Gods Love and the power of the entire Universe is inside you. It is your inside world, (your thoughts 💭), that create your outside world 🌎, (your experiences), and not the other way around. God Bless You and Thanks 🙏 for reading.

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Divorce Is! Necessary Sometimes, We All Make Mistakes

Divorce usually gets a negative wrap, but I mean, don’t view it as all bad, because if both parties were happy and satisfied, it wouldn’t be an option in the first place. Sometimes divorce is not even about the people involved, sometimes it’s all about the situations and circumstances surrounding the marriage/relationship…Meaning, I love you yes, but I love me more. When two people are not on the same “level”, their relationship becomes a conflict of interest, and they must inevitably drift apart. When things are all fine and dandy, nobody complains, that is why this post is about how to cope and to overcome, when the dreadful breakup or divorce is reality.

We have all been through it haven’t we? That one bad breakup/divorce that almost claimed our lives. Where we thought life on earth was going to end as we knew it, but someway somehow, we managed to weather the storm and survived it all.

It’s true, WE HAVE TO LEARN TO GET UP FROM THE TABLE WHEN LOVE IS NO LONGER BEING SERVED. Sometimes your strength doesn’t lie in the holding on to the situation, sometimes your strength actually lies in letting it go.

There are some people who the more we try to hold on to them and fight to keep them in our lives, the worse we get hurt. Some people came into our lives to teach us very important and valuable lessons and then move on. That’s easy for me to say right? When i’m on the outside looking in but you’re the one actually in the relationship. I know that scenario all too well, been there and done that. Mental, Physical or Emotional Abuse is not healthy, for anyone at any age. NEVER LIGHT YOURSELF ON FIRE 🔥 TO KEEP SOMEONE ELSE WARM. It doesn’t matter if it’s a spouse, fiancé, friend, family member or relative. If they can’t love and appreciate you for being you, then f#%k it, they are not worth it anyway.

Never sacrifice your happiness to keep someone else happy. If that’s what they require of you in order for them to stay in your life, trust me, they don’t love you. If both of you can’t be happy in the relationship, then what sense is that? Everybody has up’s and downs, in everything. No relationship is completely smooth sailing all the time, whether intimate, family wise, friendships, or otherwise. People have different needs, difference of opinions, personality clashes and many more issues that causes us to bump heads all the time. We are individuals, that’s just how we are wired. But when you have to stop living the truth and start to live a lie, it’s time to let it go. When you have to start convincing yourself that you’re actually happy in a situation that no longer serves your greatest good, nor contributes to your highest purpose, it’s time to let go. When you can no longer feel free to be yourself and you feel so controlled, you have to be walking on eggshells and constantly watching your P’s and Q’s, it’s definitely time to let go!!!

First things first, be sure to find happiness inside, before you begin to look for it outside. Be someone who makes YOU happy and who puts you 1st, first. Then you will be all ready and good to invite someone into your life to help you build your Empire. Nobody who truly and genuinely loves you, will ever require that you sacrifice your happiness, peace of mind and well being, to make them happy. If they try to convince you otherwise, tell them I said it’s a lie. God Bless You and Thanks 🙏 for reading 📖. Enjoy your day.

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Society Influences Our Lives Big Time, Break The Chain

There are only two types of fear that we are born with, the fear of falling, & the fear of loud noises. All other fears are learned from our society. Now that you know this, aren’t you going to unlearn some of the fears that have been holding you back and limiting you? Don’t get me wrong, some learned fears are more than well justified. Like you won’t go running around in the jungle at night, for fear of being eaten by wild animals. Or, you won’t go jogging 🏃 in the middle of the street, for fear of being hit by a moving car, or worse a truck. However, the other fears like you won’t try to start your own business because you are afraid that it might fail, you might lose everything you have, and people might laugh at you. Or someone told you that you were crazy even to think about it. You are afraid to dream big and set big goals because you might fall short of them and disappoint yourself. So you stay stuck in the same routine, doing, thinking and saying the same old thing day in day out, everyday because it’s comfortable for you. Plus you don’t want to set up yourself for failure. You don’t want to dress differently, look differently, speak differently, act differently, think differently, because if you should try to go against what everybody else expects, or are doing in society, you are afraid that you will be ridiculed and laughed at.

Society has inflicted upon us, since birth, so many ills, that If we don’t make a conscious, deliberate and determined effort, to break away from conformity, and the chains and shackles of bondage they have put around our minds, we will never do anything great with our lives. Look at yourself in the mirror, and say “shitsym (my word for system), you have held me down and boxed 📦 me in for way too long, it is time for me now to free my mind and break away from you.” Nobody knows the possibilities for you and your life. Even you sometimes don’t know how far you can go. Many people don’t want to take life on because of the difficulties, so they make a decision to remain victims of circumstances. Don’t be like that. We all know that anything great you want to do in life, easy is not an option. However, you have to remember, that even though the road you have to trod is anything but easy, at the same time you are anything but weak. So you can FEAR, Forget Everything And Run 🏃, or you can FEAR, Face Everything And Rise. You choose.

Don’t be a product zombie of the cookie cutter system society has devised and developed to churn out mindless slaves by the millions so they can have and control their workforce to churn out their commands and wishes. My advice to you, is for you to find out what you want to accomplish for yourself and go after it as if your life depends on it!!! Why? Because it does.

I leave you today with those wise words from one of my favorite mentors, the late great Zig Ziglar. He said, “Don’t be a SNI-OP. That’s a person who is Susceptible to the Negative Influences of Other People. Your mind is a terrible thing to waste, and if you don’t control it, then somebody else will control it for you. If greatness is what you are aiming for, you will never lead a great life by existing as a wondering generality, you must make a conscious, deliberate and determined effort to become a Meaningful Specific.”

Thank You and God Bless You. Take care.

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