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Goodness & Faith Are Your Indestructible Sword & Shield

Let me first start off by saying that “Faith is Focus”. You have to believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to manifest for you. You remember when you were young and used to believe in fairy tales?? Well now that you are older, you may not believe in fairy tales anymore, but if you want to accomplish and achieve, then you have to believe in yourself, your Goals and your Dreams with the same “childish” belief that you had in fairy tales. “For unless we become as little children we cannot enter into the Kingdom.” We cannot achieve anything in life without Faith and Belief in our ability to do it, but sometimes when the pressures of life hits, then out the window goes our faith. Jesus Christ the Master Teacher didn’t say that weapons would not form, but he did promise that they would not prosper. Let us never forget that long suffering is also a fruit of the spirit, so in order to get to some stuff, we first have to go through some stuff. Life has no free ride, but don’t let the struggles turn you bitter. Continue to do good while keeping your eyes on the prize. Not me, not you, not anyone is going to hit as hard as life, but when you endeavor to maintain the goodness within your heart while navigating your way through it all, then I promise you, no weapon shall ever proper.

Nothing in life protects your best interests like when you endeavor to practice to live in God-ness and Goodness. This doesn’t only mean mere conformity to outward morality, it means doing your best to keep your thoughts pure and true no matter what. Do your best to keep your aspirations noble, to keep your love pure and unselfish, and also doing your best to abstain from seeking vain glory, which many of us love to do. When we do something for somebody, let us do it because we love them and want to help them, not for mouth praises or so that we can hang it over their heads or talk about it later on to make ourselves look big. Instead, when practice goodness in thought and all that we do, we circle ourselves with an invisible protective power, where no harm can befall us and anyone who comes into real contact with us, must be blessed by our energy. Maintain goodness inside of you, and express goodness outside of you. Where there is sterling Faith and uncompromising purity, there is Health, there is Success, and there is Blessing. In such a person, disease, failure, or disaster can find no life, because inside their hearts they harbor no ill feelings, which is only food on which those things feed.

True health and true success go together. Simply because they are one in the Universal Mind. Where one dwells, the other must abide also. As mental harmony produces bodily health, so it also leads to a harmonious sequence in the actual working out of our plans. Order your thoughts, and you will order your life. By the power of faith every goal you set is accomplished. You must have faith in the Supreme, faith in Universal Law, faith in what you are doing and faith in your ability to achieve. Faith is the rock upon which you must build if you want to achieve your goals. If you want to stand tall and not fall, you have to focus on faith. You should practice following your intuition as best and as much as you can. Most of us will find this difficult until we begin to see with our Spirit and not with our eyes. Simply because intuition never explains itself and never reasons, it just simply points the way, it is up to us to follow in faith. Pursue your dreams with everything in you, because as long as you believe that the laws of the universe cannot fail, they will not fail you.

This is both faith, and the living of faith. By the power of such a faith, the dark waters of uncertainty are divided, every mountain of difficulty crumbles away, and the believing soul passes through the valleys of death, disappointment, delusion, and destruction, unharmed. We must strive to obtain above everything else, the priceless possession of this fearless faith. For it is the talisman of happiness, of success, of peace, of power, and of every good thing that will allow you to rise above all suffering in life, no matter what kind of problems you may go through. This kind of faith is more precious than any materialistic object that you could ever acquire in life, because through this faith, you can acquire any materialistic thing that your heart desires. With this faith, you build your “house” upon the eternal rock, and whatsoever you build, can never be moved. With that said, we must always remember, that we need to constantly exercise our faith. Use it in your best days, not only your worst. Through this faith, we tap into our Spiritual Strength and Power. This in turn forms a protective layer around our lives, that shatters into pieces, like glass, any kind of evil that is thrown our way. We then rise & strive and reach into successful positions of power and influence, that “normal people” only dream about. People of undaunted and unwavering faith, through the power of their spoken word, have cast mountains of sorrow and disappointment, of lack and limitation, of mental weariness and physical pain, into the deep blue sea 🌊 of oblivion, never to be seen again. Such is the “Mystique” of every Man, Woman and Child, who endeavors to cover themselves with the Faith that lives in the goodness of Universal Power.

In closing, I just want to say that when you acquire this kind of faith, you will never need to worry about success or failure, because you will know that success must come to you. In that case you stop worrying about results and just keep on putting in your work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts, must inevitably, bring about right results. God Bless You and Thanks for reading 📖.

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