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Competition Never Compares When You Stay Focused

If you want to live in peace and enjoy real progress and prosperity, only compete with yourself. Keep the competition between You and You. Successful people are never ever worried about what the other person is doing, because they are way too busy working on themselves. I mean they might take notice 👍, but they are never worried 😟. Besides, the only person you should be trying to be better than, is the person you were yesterday. Enough is here to share for everybody, and it is very unfortunate that some people can’t see that. However, as harsh as this might sound, that is not your problem. He who has eyes to see, let him see…& he who has ears to hear, let him hear. I am only here to teach you how to get yours, because believe it or not, true and lasting prosperity will only come to those who are kind hearted, loving, generous, trustworthy, full of faith, and integrity conscious. The person who is not willing to cultivate and harbor these qualities in their heart, will never know “true riches”. Because prosperity, just like happiness, is an inward conditioning, and not something that is to be found outside of ourselves. In other words, it is a state of mind. Greedy people may become Millionaires yes, and even Billionaires, but inside their hearts, as long as their number one motive for accumulating money and land is greed, then they will always be wretched, mean, and poor. And no matter how much land and money they have, as long as there is someone else in the world that has more than they do, they will always feel like they don’t have enough. On the other hand, the person who is upright, kind and loving, even though they may not seem to have much on the external at the moment, as long as they make their passion and their gifts their life’s work, while holding to the vision, never complaining, and keeping strong and steady faith in the powers of the Law, sooner or later, riches and prosperity must become theirs. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. The laws of the Universe cannot lie or fail.

Just think about it, Mother Nature gives us everything we will ever need in order to live, survive, and thrive, and she holds noting back. You know what the beauty about this is, the fact that she ends up losing nothing in return. Even when we attempt to destroy her for our own personal gain, she always finds a way to regenerate and replenish herself. The lesson from that scenario is…Never get caught up into a belief that by continuously doing the right thing, you will somehow get used, discarded, or lose out on what is rightfully yours in any way shape or form. “I will restore unto you the years which the locusts have eaten” saith the Lord/Law. Never under any circumstances let the bitterness of any competition, or competing with anyone outside of yourself, in this life, turn the ways of your heart from good to evil. Never ever let the word competition shake or wobble your faith in the supremacy of righteousness. Dishonesty and deceit only travels one road, which eventually if not immediately, leads to death and destruction. Therefore, in all instances, always strive to do that which you believe is right, and then trust the law. Trust in the Divine Power that is imminent in the Universe, and it will never ever desert you. Instead, it will always protect you and all of your interests. When you put all your trust in divine law, all your losses must the converted into gains, and any competition that has ever threatened your well being must be converted into blessings. Never stop practicing integrity, generosity, and love, because when you combine these attributes with your gifts, passion, and life’s work, they create magic. Magic that has the power to lift you up from the depths of poverty, and place you upon prosperous heights. Just imagine 💭 if we decided to collaborate instead of compete…Our souls would expand, our hearts would reach out to each other in generous warmth, and long and lasting would be the prosperity that comes to us. But those who have wandered away from the high-way of righteousness, must endeavor to find a way to guard themselves against “unfair” competition…While those who are always trying to do the right, never ever have to worry about such things. This statement is no joke. For time and time again, we see people who by the power of integrity and faith, have defied all competition and odds, and never even had to alter or change any of their methods. We have also seen where these people, when competed with, have risen steadily into prosperity and riches, while those who were trying to undermine them, fell into the pit of defeat. For “The angel of the Lord (the workings of the law) encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.” King David, Psalms 34 verse 7.

When we think about the fact that the Universe holds within it, an abundance of every good, blessed, and wonderful thing that our hearts could ever aspire to having, both material and spiritual, then attempt to compare that to the blind eagerness of competing with others in order to secure a few gold coins, a few acres of dirt, or some superficial level of boastful fame, it just does not add up. It doesn’t make any sense. So it is then that we realize how dark and ignorant selfishness is. It is then and only then that we realize that self-seeking and self-gratification, is self-destruction. It is a known fact, amongst all Spiritual Teachers, that self-gratification only leads to one thing, and that is more self-gratification. We should aspire “to be”, more than how we desire “to have”. Competing with others becomes unnecessary when we understand Spiritual Law. Because we then know that what is ours by divine right, must come to us no matter what. Even if it does so in a round about way. And it must manifest under grace, in a perfect way, for the harmony and good of all those involved. I believe that is why Bob Marley said that if his life is just for him alone he doesn’t want it, because his life is for the people. He understood the law. Universal Law, just like the law of electricity, must be understood, respected and obeyed before it becomes our servant, because the law obeys man, only when man obeys the law. Why do you suppose I keep on giving away all this information for free?? When most people would be charging you for it?? Because I understand the Law. Giving opens the door for receiving, and the easiest and quickest way to make a million dollars is to bless and to touch in a positive way, the lives of a million people. We must at first bless others if we wish to obtain blessings. Therefore I am not the least bit worried about any competitor or competition, because I know that sooner or later, I must get “paid” for what I am now doing for “free”. Only the foolish wish and grumble, the wise work and wait. For the law is unerring and unfailing, its powers levels mountains and fills in valleys, and knows no defeat. When my family is sleeping, I stay up all hours at nights writing these posts, to share my knowledge so that somebody can be blessed. Nobody asked me to do it, but God put it in my heart to do it, therefore I must do my fathers work. I don’t do it solely for money, material, or gain, instead I do it to help people first. However, I know that as per the infallible and unchanging Law, I must be rewarded. Sooner or later, the spiritual seeds that I am planting in the invisible, must come to fruition in the visible. And even if not immediately, then eventually, because God doesn’t need any “time” to do anything. Your entire life can change for the better in the blink of an eye. That’s why we must endeavor to stay in our lanes, keep up our faith, never pay too much attention to what anyone else is doing, and just keep on perfecting our goodness upon our neighbors. Because what seems to be taking forever to us, is just a snap of Gods fingers. Repeat this statement until it it written on your heart and branded in your mind, “I compete with no one outside of myself, because if I am about God’s business, or any part thereof; which is giving, and helping people, and I sure am. Then God, by his very nature, is for me, so who can be against me?? With this understanding, I now know, that there isn’t any power in heaven, or on earth 🌏, that can withhold success from me.”

In closing I would like to say that, to posses the inward qualities which constitute goodness, righteousness, justice, strength, power, and truth, is to be armored against all the workings of evil, and to be twice as much protected in every instance of trial. When we build ourselves up in these qualities, then we build up a Success which cannot be shaken or stirred by any competition outside of ourselves, and then and only then, do we enter into the prosperity which will last throughout the ages, and also endure forever. At this point in time, money, land and fame will become no object. God Bless You and Thanks for reading 📖.

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